Award Categories

Best Halal product

Most Creative Marketing Campaign

Best Islamic Financial Service or Product

Best Social Impact Initiative

Best Muslim Friendly Destination

Best Innovation In Halal Industry

Best Halal Brand

Outstanding Personal Achievement In The Halal Industry

Winners Of iHalal Awards 2020

Halal, Ethical, Sustainable & Socially Responsible

At iHalal Awards we are strict about the overall Halal standards and we only award those are also very strict in applying over all Halal standards.

Award Ceremony Date

27th November 2021

Objectives Of iHalalAwards

  • To promote and create awareness about Halal internationally and take whatever measures are necessary to this end.
  • To promote collaboration between all Halal organizations worldwide, and to make a common real Halal standard.
  • To co-ordinate and further the activities in Halal worldwide.
  • To co-operate, where appropriate, with other organizations whose objects are to promote Halal trade with zero barriers.
  • To contribute to the removal of obstacles that may exist with the real Halal.
  • To promote economic development, enhancement of social progress and better standards of life.
  • To awards those who has done outstanding performance in the fields of Halal.

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The International Award To Recognize Organisations That Are Champions In Halal, Ethical, Socially Responsible & Sustainable Businesses In The Global Halal Industry!