Award Categories

Sustainable Halal Product

Most Creative Marketing Campaign

Sustainable Islamic Financial Service or Product

Sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility Halal Project

Sustainable Social Impact Halal Startup

Sustainable Halal Service Provider

Sustainable Halal Brand

Outstanding Personal Achievement In The Halal Industry

Winners Of iHalal Awards 1st Edition

Halal, Ethical, Sustainable & Socially Responsible!

International Halal Awards aims to recognise companies that have High Sustainable Impact & Practices based on ESG & Halal compliance in delivering products & services for the Global Halal industry.

Award Ceremony Date

17th August 2023

Objectives Of iHalal Awards

  • To recognise & award the champions in the global Halal industry.
  • To promote real Halal & sustainable brands.
  • To encourage excellence & sustainability in the global Halal industry.

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The International Award To Recognize Organisations That Are Champions In Halal, Ethical, Socially Responsible & Sustainable Businesses In The Global Halal Industry!