Criteria of iHalal Awards

1. Organizers, judges, sponsors, accreditation bodies and those directly affiliated including family members are not allowed to be nominated.

2. Nomination is open for all holders of a valid halal certificate unless specifically stated.

3. Halal Certification Bodies can only apply for the 'Halal Service Provider of The Year' award category.

4. There must be a minimum number of five valid applications/nominations per award before an award can be given.

5. Between three to twelve globally assigned judges will be assigned to evaluate an award. None shall come from any Halal Certification Bodies to protect impartiality.

6. All applications are subjected to checks by the judges for evidence such as proof through documentations, through interviews, inter alia.

7. In the case of any misunderstandings or disputes or whatsoever, the organizers decision shall be final.

Apply For iHalal Awards

The International Award To Recognize Organisations That Are Champions In Halal, Ethical, Socially Responsible & Sustainable Businesses In The Global Halal Industry!